Women’s Ministries

Women of Worth

Our women’s ministry group meets every Tuesday afternoon from 12:30-2 PM. Lunch is provided. Transportation is provided in Joliet. Programs include worship, education, fellowship, and service.

For more information, contact Captain Wendy Faundez

Phone: (815) 726-4834

Email: Wendy_Faundez@usc.salvationarmy.org


Worship is a part of every Women’s Ministries program. Most meetings involve reading the Bible and prayer. Special programs or events may highlight this aspect such as worship services, singing and Bible studies.

These programs include a wide variety of subjects that promote personal, family and community growth. They address the needs, interests and concerns of the Women’s Ministries group as well as family and community issues. This aspect of the program also promotes women’s understanding of Christian principles and lifestyle.

Fellowship experiences are filled with fun, food and warm friendships. Offering an opportunity to build relationships, share concerns and receive friendly advice from other women is an important and exciting component of Women’s Ministries. Many fellowship activities include outings, parties and social events.

Giving women an opportunity to make a difference in their community and world, Women’s Ministries offer a variety of service projects. These vary from group to group but may include feeding the homeless, helping less-fortunate children receive toys for Christmas, baking cookies for college students, visiting nursing homes and so much more!