Youth Enrichment Program

The Youth Enrichment Program will help improve academic achievement of underperforming students by increasing their knowledge and skills, leading to quantifiable increases in academic performance by employing evidenced based learning methodologies. The youth complete homework in a classroom setting or computer lab. Youth have the option of using the computer lab after their homework is complete they can access PLATO courseware, a online learning program designed to drive student achievement for academic and career success. Our students also participate in recreation, life skills, arts & craft projects throughout the week.

PARENT MEETING SCHEDULE: The Salvation Army encourages parents to be partners in their child’s education by having an opportunity to work together to meet your child’s learning needs. Parents will be required to bring in report cards for EACH GRADING PERIOD.


We follow the district 86 school calendar for 2017-2018  school year.


Please call 815-726-4834 ext. 202 or 211